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SMASH helps Seattle access low-cost or no-cost healthcare services that meet the specific needs of musicians. SMASH is here to support musicians’ health. 

Mental Health Support 


Mental health struggles are especially acute for musicians. In a 2018 Music Industry Research Association (MIRA) study, 50 percent of musicians reported battling symptoms of depression, compared with less than 25 percent of the general adult population.


SMASH works with a therapy telehealth provider to give musicians access to 12 low-cost mental health sessions. If you already have a mental health provider, we can help subsidize your payments. 

Primary Care

SMASH subsidizes a primary healthcare visit and associated labs in partnership each year with these nonprofit health clinic groups:

  • Neighborcare

  • HealthPoint

  • Country Doctor

  • Bastyr Team Care

Dental Care

SMASH members can receive free and low-cost dental services from our dental partners for acute and pressing needs. We also help connect artists with options for dental cleanings in our region.

Hearing Care

In partnership with The University of Washington Speech and Hearing Services, Seattle Hearing, Speech and Deaf Center, Clear Hearing and Audiology, Etymotic Research, and Westone Audio, we connect musicians with hearing screenings, consultations, and Westone custom molded ear protection when recommended by providers. 

Vision Care


Our partners at Sight and Sound Vision Care provide eye exams and glasses for members. 

Health Insurance Navigation


We offer support for navigating the complicated and frustrating healthcare system, including helping members sign up for health insurance, understanding coverage and what is in your network, and assisting members with connections and resources for health care questions or concerns. 

Wellness Services, Programs, & Events

SMASH members can engage in various free and low-cost wellness activities and events, including areas of movement like yoga and pilates, mental health-focused events like meditation and sound baths, and so much more. 


The SMASH Member application process is free and confidential. Your contact information will never be sold for any reason. We are not a health insurance provider, and if you have insurance, you can still qualify for SMASH services.


To be truly in good health is a to have a combination of physical, mental, spiritual, and social wellness. We’ve compiled a list of resources to help musicians access programs and services from city, county, state, and other nonprofit organizations to help you on your journey of health. 

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