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We couldn't exist without the support of local healthcare providers volunteering their time and discounting their services for SMASH members. Together, we take care of musicians because music takes care of us.


As a healthcare provider, we hope you already know how important your work is. A person cannot achieve their full potential if they are not healthy. Our goal is to help keep musicians healthy by providing them access to free and low-cost healthcare through a network of providers just like you.

We believe our Seattle and Puget Sound community is only holistically healthy with a strong local music scene. Creativity thrives in our region, and music is the heartbeat of our culture. Without a local music scene in Seattle and the northwest, we would not be the thriving creative economy and culture that we are today.



Each provider's partnership looks slightly different and is built around your giving goals and capacity. But here's a brief overview of how most providers work with us.


  • SMASH providers offer a discount for their services or provide them free of charge because our members fall under the threshold to be considered low-income in King County.


  • Providers in the SMASH network agree to see a number of members each month and we manage/track member utilization to provider capacity.


  • When a member is referred to you to make an appointment, they will let your team know they are a SMASH member at that time.


  • A SMASH Program Manager will then coordinate with the member and you, or your office, on billing and any necessary next steps after the initial exam.

  • Some providers prefer to run a day clinic instead of, or in conjunction with, annual patients. It's really up to what works for you.

Please join us in creating a support system by becoming a SMASH provider. Your investment is an investment in the future of music. Together, we take care of musicians because music takes care of us. We truly appreciate your interest in supporting our local musicians' health in whatever capacity you can offer.

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