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At SMASH, our goal is to help musicians be healthy, which includes access to comprehensive reproductive health care. We believe that reproductive freedom, and access to resources regardless of choice, are fundamental human rights. Although this guide was created in response to the recent Supreme Court ruling on Roe V. Wade, it is not solely about abortion access. As an organization, we believe in Reproductive Justice, which includes any issues affecting the reproductive lives of people who can get pregnant, including access to contraception and emergency contraception, comprehensive sex education, prevention and care for sexually-transmitted infections (STIs), alternative birth options, adequate prenatal and pregnancy care, and of course access to safe abortions. 

In this guide, you will find resources for accessing reproductive health care that includes sexual health resources (including sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment), pregnancy prevention and termination, sex education, and prenatal/pregnancy care. 

If you are a SMASH member, we can help you navigate the reproductive health care services included in this guide, help find funding for services, and provide access to our network of health care practitioners, including primary care physicians and mental health providers. 

Not a SMASH member? Become one today. The application process is free and confidential. We are not a health insurance provider, and if you have insurance, you can still qualify for SMASH services. If you do not qualify for SMASH membership, please reach out regardless. We may still be able to help. 

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