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Folklife Metamorphosis: In with the Old, In with the New

The popular Memorial Day weekend festival returned as an in-person event (but with a strong virtual presence) May 27-30, 2022, at Seattle Center. 2022's Northwest Folklife theme was “Metamorphosis: In with the Old, In with the New.” It fits with a spirit of transition, transformation, and growth coming out of the COVID-19 lockdowns. 2022 was the 51st year of Folklife.

Folklife programming includes music, dance, spoken word, visual arts, films, cooking demonstrations, panel discussions, participatory dances, and workshops. Events occur on 20 stages across Seattle Center, and more than 200,000 people attend! Thank you to Folklife for donating booth space to SMASH to help us spread the word about our work providing free healthcare for Seattle-area musicians.


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