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Where is My Mind? Musicians on Mental Health Video Series

More and more, we are seeing musicians at every level canceling tours; some are even leaving the industry entirely because of the immense pressures of being a musician. As musicians hustle to make ends meet, mental healthcare takes a backseat to expenses like rent and food. In the Swedish digital platform Record Union survey, less than 40% said they sought professional treatment; more than 50% claimed they turned to self-medication like alcohol and drug use.

"Where is My Mind? Musicians on Mental Health" is a series of conversations with musicians about mental health as an artist, presented by Seattle music nonprofits SMASH and Sonic Guild Seattle. Each episode includes an interview with a local musician or band plus a stripped-down version of a song they feel speaks to artists' specific mental health struggles.

"Where is My Mind? Episode 1: Small Paul

Episode one features a conversation with Seattle indie rock band Small Paul. In this episode, the band discusses their struggles with mental health, including how band members were able to get sober due to access to mental health treatment, how they now have tools to handle the unique stresses of pursuing a music career, and their debut album “Come Alive & Live Again” which explores themes of mental health. Watch the full episode below or on the SMASH Youtube channel.

"Where is My Mind? Musicians on Mental Health" aims to destigmatize mental health struggles and create awareness of the alarming rate musicians suffer. In 2019, the Swedish digital platform Record Union published the results of a survey that found 73% of independent musicians struggle with mental illness. Musicians face extreme financial instability in the gig economy, are directly impacted by gentrification and the rising cost of living, are surrounded by drugs and alcohol at work, and often lack access to affordable mental health treatment, causing them to suffer from mental health struggles at twice the rate of the general public.

SMASH and Sonic Guild believe music is the heartbeat of our culture. Without a local music scene, the Northwest would not be the thriving creative economy and culture it is today. Find the first episode, information on how to help, and mental health resources for musicians at

ABOUT OUR PARTNERS AT SONIC GUILD: Sonic Guild is a music non-profit organization committed to supporting the creation and performance of new music by exceptional local musicians. Since it's founding in 2013, they have distributed $5,700,000 to over 250 bands and local music businesses. Learn more at


Nikki Barron

SMASH Communications & Outreach



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