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Jam Galaxy Partners with SMASH to Help Provide Seattle Musicians with Access to Health Care

Jam Galaxy is a blockchain based music platform for artists, songwriters, producers, recording studios, and independent labels working to create an artist eco-system that is based on a decentralized community that pays higher streaming rates and where musicians can collect micro payments for music streamed, self-publish songs, make NFTs and network with other artists in their community or around the world.

Jam Galaxy is founded by Dr. Ben Goertzel of SingularityNet, a world renowned AI and long time pnw musician, and AI student Dianne Krouse, who serves as Jam Galaxy's CEO. Artist Relations is spear-headed by Seattle artist Danny Newcomb (Goodness, The Rockfords, Danny Newcomb Band). Early adopters include Thunderpussy, Pigeonhed, Producer and Engineer Martin Feveyear (Mark Lanegan, The Presidents of The United States, Mudhoney, Brandi Carlile), Producer and Engineer Steve Fisk (Nirvana, Soundgarden, The Posies), Loosegroove records, the Black Tones, the Rockfords with Mike McCready (Pearl Jam), Sera Cahoone, Ian Moore, Pete Droge, as well as Producer and Engineer John Goodmanson (Bikini Kill, Blonde Redhead, Death Cab for Cutie). Jam Galaxy begins launching artist-owned NFT's to their platform in September 2022.

In partnership with The Artificial General Intelligence Society (AGI) Conference, Jam Galaxy is hosting it's first public showcase featuring The Jam Galaxy Band who performs with Desdemona AI robot, who joins the band performing spoken word as a way to show how AI can create one of a kind works of art in partnership with humans. Earlier this year, The Jam Galaxy band played main stage at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Conference and the NFT.NYC Conference. This showcase also features Seattle artists Tomo Nakayama, Black Stax, and Afrocop, with more to be announced. All proceeds from the showcase will benefit SMASH (Seattle Musicians Access to Sustainable Healthcare), a Seattle based nonprofit that helps local low- and limited-income working musicians stay healthy by providing access to free and low-cost medical, dental, and mental health services, plus support for navigating the complicated and frustrating healthcare system.

"We're really excited about what Jam Galaxy is creating for independent musicians. In the current music economy, musicians eat last. The people who tap into that special magic to create music are so often left behind. A platform like Jam Galaxy is creating an opportunity for independent musicians to take back some power, and revenue, from streaming platforms." says Nikki Barron, Communications & Outreach Manager for SMASH.

The AGI 2022 Conference Jam Galaxy Showcase is Sunday August 21, 2022 starting at 6:00 pm at the iconic Crocodile music venue located at 2505 1st Ave Seattle, WA 98121.

For more information or to obtain media credentials to the show please contact:

Nikki Barron

Communications & Outreach Manager, SMASH


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