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Seattle City of Music Survey

In 2008, the City of Seattle released a vision for the future of music in Seattle. The original document was aspirational and identified three focus categories to grow Seattle’s music sector by 2020: City of Musicians, City of Live Music, and City of Music Business. The Seattle Music Commission (SMC) was established in 2010, serving as a community advisor to the City government to pursue the City of Music’s goals. The current SMC is updating this vision to reflect the many changes Seattle, the music industry, and the community has experienced since 2008. Much work must be done to recover from the pandemic and equitably rebuild Seattle’s music ecosystem. This vision will serve as a roadmap and will be a living document revised over time with community input. This is where you come in. As Seattle’s music and creative community members, the SMC is seeking your feedback. Please fill out this anonymous survey by March 31, 2023, ranking the priorities for Seattle’s music sector and highlighting anything you feel is missing from the existing vision. This survey is the first step in revisioning Seattle as a City of Music, and community participation is key to its success.


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