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Shoreline Music Summit & Celebration

The Shoreline Music Summit and Celebration is a two-day event that includes a summit on September 16 that brings together leaders from the PNW music community to discuss issues facing musicians and opportunities for growth and on September 17th, celebrate our vibrant music scene with a night of free music for the community (21+) featuring performances by artists like Sera Cahoone, The Marshall Law Band, The Moondoggies, Wild Powwers, and others. Attendees will get a chance to sample our area's music venues and some of the amazing music being produced in our region.

Produced by local non-profit Black Fret with support from The Recording Academy, City of Shoreline, Port of Seattle, King County, The Department of Commerce, KEXP, and the Shoreline Chamber of Commerce, The Shoreline Music Celebration hopes to evolve into an annual event highlighting music, venues and the City of Shoreline’s storied role in the history of Northwest music.

September 16, 2022 1:00pm - 7:00pm Shoreline Music Summit

Black Fret and the Recording Academy Pacific Northwest Chapter bring together a group of musicians and industry leaders to discuss the current state of the Pacific Northwest music community post-pandemic and how we can collectively work together to grow the sector and create new opportunities moving forward.

1:30pm - 2:30pm Artist’s Speak: What’s It Really Like Out There?

  • Eric Lilavois, Producer/Studio Owner (Moderator)

  • Ryan Leyva (AKA Johnny Nails)

  • Kathy Moore

  • Halley Greg

  • Stephanie Anne Johnson

2:45pm-3:45pm How Can We Help? Music Nonprofits Role In Supporting Music Communities

  • Amir Islam, Executive Director, The Residency

  • Ben London, Executive Director, Black Fret

  • Denise Burnside, Executive Director SMASH

  • Jessica Toon, Executive Director the Recording Academy PNW Chapter (Moderator)

  • Reese Tanimura, Managing Director, Northwest Folklife

  • Ricky Graboski, Executive Director The Vera Project

  • Tim Lennon, Executive Director Langston

4pm-5:15pm Arts Leadership Panel: Where Do We Go From Here?

  • Kate Becker, Creative Economy & Recovery Director at Office of King County Executive Dow Constantine (Moderator)

  • Kitty Wu, Chair, Seattle Music Commission

  • Michael Romy Greer, President and CEO at ArtsFund

5:15 pm – 7:00 pm Networking Reception

Aurora Borealis

Hard Maybe (formerly Motus) 8pm

Public Pool 9pm

Marshall Law Band 10pm

Darrell’s Tavern Wild Powwers 11pm J Graves 10pm Floored Faces 9 pm

Drumlin Sera Cahoone 9pm Dean Johnson 8pm Maya Marie 7pm

The Hidden Door The Moondoggies 11pm Byland 10pm Dumb Thumbs 9pm


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