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Annie J Releases latest single "Best of Me"

An upbeat 90’s inspired R&B jam to bolster any drive-time playlist or your summer dance party, Annie J's new single"Best of Me" is best listened to loud and somewhere you can sing along (and dance!) to the empowering and motivating lyrics. Singing, "We live in the thick of it. The best times can feel like they're closing in on you, but don't sweat it. But, don't sweat it, don't let yourself forget, better isn't always next, better isn't always next." Best of Me is a reminder not to lose sight of the joy in where you are right now.

Recorded live with her full band in Seattle’s Strange Earth Studios, this track hits all the high notes and brings the party with its positive vibing, in-the-moment energy. Annie J's emerging full-band project captures the satisfaction of choosing to bring out the very best of yourself in moments of self-doubt, adversity, banality, and joy; themes found in other recent releases, like "Light My Own Fire," where she starts with the relatable sentiment, "Another busy morning, how will I get through? The world is out there turning. That's what it does in the morning and all day through. I guess I gotta light my own fire."

Annie is celebrating the release of ‘Best of Me’ on July 7th with a performance at the Tractor Tavern in Seattle, WA, presented by local curatorial and festival producers Artist Home (Timber! Outdoor Music Festival, R Day, CHOMP!), with fellow rising stars Julia Massey of Warren Dunes and Kate Dinsmore. Annie J is a magnetic performer, emanating pure joy, firmly rooted in the moment with the audience, demanding, with love, everyone joins her there.

ABOUT ANNIE J: Born and raised on the east side of the Cascade Mountains in Washington State, Annie J kicks it with the finest musicians on and off stage as a diverse and compelling vocalist, having worked with the Seattle Rock Orchestra, The True Loves, Odesza, The Dip, Allen Stone, Mike McCready, Ayron Jones, Jimmie Herrod, Barrett Martin, and the late blues legend, Cedell Davis.

Annie J delivers a close, personal blend of retro soul and modern pop. Her vocal mastery and presence as a performer make for a playful and moving display that pays homage to acts like Dusty Springfield, Martha and the Vandellas, or Remi Wolf and Elle King.


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