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Smokey Brights Release Apocalyptic Music Video for New Single, "No Getting Out."

Photo by Rachel Bennett

"No Getting Out" is the first single from the forthcoming album Levitator, out June 2nd on their new label, Nine Mile Records. A motivational mix-tape for our collective crisis of confidence, Levitator is a musical, magical incantation cast to lift off and dance with the cosmos, dig deep where the diamonds shine, and laugh away our self-pity. Smokey Brights’ newest record starts in an ocean of static, soft waves carrying the listener through the expansive depths and ecstatic highs of the ten tracks.

"The world is a lot right now. I know there is beauty all around us; people perform incredible acts of love daily; our state has legal weed. But, at the same time, like, what the fuck? We are in the midst of a global extinction event of an almost incomprehensible scale. Our summers have turned to smoke. Species are disappearing. The water is running out. Our time is running out. Yet, in a moment where we all know, at our core, we have gotta figure it out, those at the top of the heap inflame the anxious masses with ever-evolving conspiracies about drag queens, trans youth, unhoused people, or whatever other marginalized population they choose to scapegoat next."Says Kim West, vocalist and keyboardist for The Smokey Brights.

"There is a desperate effort to distract us from taking charge and taking back our only planet from the jackals who literally poison the air we breathe. "No Getting Out" is a call out. It’s a battle cry. It’s a self-help anthem for those of us who know we gotta figure it out and that we can’t wait for anyone else to do it for us. Raise my hands to the sky; tonight, I refuse to burn."

About the Smokey Brights:

SmokeyBrights are Kim West (vocals and keys), Ryan Devlin (vocals and guitar), Nick Krivchenia (drums), and Luke Rägnar (bass and vocals), with help from Aaron Benson (percussion).

About Levitator:

Recorded at Studio Litho and The Crumb in Seattle, WA by Andy D. Park. Produced and mixed by Andy D. Park with assistance from Samuel Rosson. Mastered by Ed Brooks at Resonant Mastering. Lyric co-writing and editing by Derrick Brown. Album design and layout by Gregory John Smith.


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